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07518 999 498    10am till 4pm                      



*What is massage?


Massage is very safe and beneficial way of improving your well-being.

It is a treatment in which a therapist manipulates the muscles and other soft tissues of the body, which is intended to improve health and eliminate toxins.


*What is the typical massage duration?


A typical session takes takes approximately 60 minutes, but the duration can be adapted to suit the patient's needs.

You will also only be charged for the time on the massage table, whilst undergoing treatment.


*How to book an appointment?


The easiest way to book is via telephone. Booking in advance is recommended to avoid disappointment,

and allow me to be fully prepared for the client's arrival.

Also, please be punctual, as there may be other client's booked after you. 


*Is holistic massage sensual?


Every massage is sensual in a way because the senses are being engaged.

However this is commonly misunderstood.  Holistic massage has nothing to do with sexuality or other sexual-related services.

Please note I do not offer any sexual-related services at all.

No "body to body"  or other services.

No adult services! 


*What I am wearing while being massage?


You shall generally be undressed, but fully covered with soft, quality towels.

I apply a technique called  'draping'  which involves uncovering only the parts upon which I am currently working, in order to retain heat within the body.

If you wish to be uncovered just let me know. 


Please be aware that I will not respond to enquiries outside of my working hours.




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